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Poland has suffered for centuries because of its geographical position: in the middle of Europe, at the crossroad of trade routes, between big empires which constantly tried to expand their spheres of influence. The Poles, however, stubbornly fought to maintain the independence. Why have they cared so much? Because it is so beautiful!

Poland has been generously endowed with wonders of nature. There is beautiful coast of Baltic Sea in the North with cliffs and dunes. There are picturesque lakes surrounded with natural forest in the Northeast district. There are last remnants of primeval forest in the East inhabited by the last bisons in Europe. In the South Polish border is defined by a chain of Beskidy mountains with their highest range: majestic Tatras. And in the middle of Poland there are highlights, plains, rivers, gorges, wetlands, meadows and all of this is scenic and stunning.

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People have been living here since time immemorial. They have changed these lands significantly by their work, their pursuit to facilitate life but also by wars and battles. They created numerous buildings just so that they could destroy them. Then they rebuilt them in toil and drudgery.

This closed cycle has been repeating for centuries. Nowadays Poland is safe and stable country internationally recognized and appreciated for the efforts in improving its situation. Polish society is very homogeneous with hardly any religious or national minorities. Only historical monuments, ruins of the castles and abandoned places of worship testify to its long and turbulent history, the multi-cultural tradition and multi-ethnic past.

Here you can read about some of the most beautiful and unforgettable places in Poland. Each of them is unique and connected with certain aspects of Polish history and tradition. I hope that this lecture will be an inspiration for you and will result in your visit to Poland. I warmly invite you to read and to visit as well!