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Even the most delicious and sophisticated meal requires sweet accent at the end otherwise it seems incomplete. In Poland all housewives specialize in making at least one kind of pastry. In Poland it was always a matter of custom to prepare home-made sweet snacks. But during the communist times it became even more popular as it was difficult to buy any tasty things at shops. So Polish women gradually mastered baking cookies, cakes, tartas, doughnuts, bundt cakes, shortbread pastries and many others.

Beautiful mazurek and bundt cakes were traditionally prepared for Easter, while Christmas is associated with gingerbreads and poppy-seed cakes. Numerous family ceremonies were dignified by various types of layer cakes. But one of the most popular pastry in Poland is a simple shortcrust apple pie which is prepared by thousands of women every Saturday to make weekend more special. And we cannot skip a beautiful creamy cheesecake with raisins which makes you think about Sunday afternoon visit to your Grandmothers.

Well, are you already feeling like eating something sweet? If so, better do not read the rest of the articles here because the pictures of all those delicacies will drive you crazy!

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