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Hello! My name is Monika.

I’ve been working for nearly 10 years as a guide in Krakow and a tour leader. My mother says I should get a real job, but I don’t want to because I really enjoy guiding people around all those wonderful places and sharing my passion for travelling with them. It makes me pleased to tell the visitors about the Polish history and then to find out it is fascinating for them too. It makes me happy to share my knowledge and then to find out it was helpful. But most importantly it gives me a great satisfaction to see that people who knew hardly anything about Poland start to appreciate and like the country and its culture.

So travelling is what I do for living but it is also my hobby. Of all the places I’ve visited so far, Romania, Russia and Georgia made the greatest impression on me. I can only be happy in a place where I can find mountains and old castles or churches. Whenever I can I run away from the city and towards the mountains. Hiking gives me a great pleasure.

Good food is an important element of every journey and it makes the trip perfect. I believe that you can’t get to know the place until you taste the local food. Cooking is another one of my passions. I can relax in the kitchen provided that I don’t have to wash the dishes.

What else do you need to know to entrust me your holidays?

Monika Pazera Monika Pazera Monika Pazera